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6 Reasons to Power Up Your Productivity as a Writer

Posted in creativity, discipline, Independent Publishing, Learning to Write, Productivity for creatives, prolific writer, Publishing, self publishing, and Writing Tips

Hello. Let’s talk about productivity as a writer. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to this, and I think ratcheting up your productivity, cranking out the words, writing a lot and publishing a lot, is a key strategy to adopt in order to achieve success as a professional writer.…

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3 Important Things I’ve Learned After Publishing My First Novel

Posted in amazon sales rank, Getting published, Independent Publishing, Publishing, publishing with a small press, publishing your first book, self publishing, and The debut novel

My debut novel was published on 14th of February, 2016. That’s three sweet weeks ago at the time of writing. It was published first in paperback on Amazon and then rolled out as a pre-order ebook to Amazon, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, Smashwords, Scribd and others. The paperback is…

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Using Rejection Letters to Improve Your Writing

Posted in Editors, Getting published, Learning to Write, Literary agents, and Rejections

We’ve most likely all heard stories of the famous writer who papered her loo with the one thousand rejection slips she received before getting a publishing deal. Tales of that nature are legion. Unpublished writers are encouraged to view rejection slips as stepping stones toward publication, to shrug off…

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Hunger, Fire & Iron: The Making of a Writer

Posted in Learning to Write

Any wise aspiring writer will, sooner or later, seek out the advice of established writers in the hope of gaining useful insights, practical tips and encouragement. She may seek that advice in person, through books, magazines, writing courses or social media. I’ve been no exception. I’ve found some advice…

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