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Category: Storytelling

Why You Should Never Write For Children (How to Write Children’s Books)

Posted in Books for Kids, childhood, Childrens Books, creativity, Independent Publishing, Juvenile Fiction, Learning to Write, Middle Grade Fiction, Storytelling, Writing Tips, and Young Adult Fiction

Writing Books for Children Is Not Easy Seems like a crazy title from a writer whose fictional output to date has mostly been marketed as “for children” or been published in children’s magazines. I’d I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to write children’s books. My…

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The Storied Truth, or the Honest Lie ~ Some Thoughts

Posted in Learning to Write, Storytelling, The Short Story, and Truth

Neil Gaiman has famously pointed out that fiction writers are professional liars, but that we lie in the service of truth. The idea is oft quoted. Oft quoted but rarely examined. I’d like to think about it now. The idea is not original to Gaiman, as I’m sure he would be the…

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