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Austin Hackney: The Biographical Bit

Austin Hackney Writer

Who is Austin Hackney?

Hello, my name’s Austin Hackney. I worked for three decades in children’s theater and television, in the UK and Europe.

During that time I’ve enjoyed several demanding and exciting jobs related to theater and television, including script writing and editing. When partnered with Carlton TV, I wrote and/or edited over 40 hours of broadcast scripts.

I’ve won residencies and toured in the UK and Europe with companies such as The Little Angel Marionette Theatre (London), Laars Von Poort (Holland), Teatro del Gallo (Italy) and managed my own company InsideOut collaborating on a variety of artistic and educational projects with an international team of artists, musicians and performers.

Now, as a freelance writer and editor, my byline has graced the pages of publications as diverse as The Guardian,The Nursing Times, Healthy Living Magazine, Resurgence, Parenting Today, Asylum, MD Monthly, and many others.

My work is also published without a byline in white papers, B2B communications and newsletters, guides, websites, blogs, and trade magazines.

I’ve published short fiction, for both young people and adults, in Aquila Magazine, Dark Tales, Scribble, The Criminal Class Review, Unsettling Wonder, Stupefying Stories, Omniscrit, Quarter Reads, The Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, and SQ Magazine, to name a few.

Beyond the Starline, the first volume of my Middle Grade / early YA steampunk trilogy, The Dark Sea, was released by my own imprint, Clockwork Press, and has been highly praised. The second book, The Island of Birds, was released in August 2016. To be the first to know when other books  are released and for free review copies, sign up to the mailing list at or just check out the books here.

Austin Hackney in a nutshell: Writer, Storyteller, Fabulist, Field Ornithologist & Bird Ringer, Wildlife Gardener, Eccentric, Free-Thinker, Apolitical Eco-Socialist. Book, Art & Music lover.

You can find me dreaming up the next adventure in my secret word laboratory ~ except you can’t because it’s secret! But it’s easier to catch up with me on Twitter in any case.

Austin Hackney Writer
Where it all happens. My secret writing den.

I don’t do Facebook, but I hang out on Twitter and call in on Google+ from time to time. Come say hello!

Twitter: @AGHackney

Google+: Austin Hackney

Fiction Genres: Science Fiction, Horror, Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, Weird West, Fairy Tales and Mythic Arts.


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